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The BMW Motorcycle Club Pretoria put together a collection of unique and exclusive rider challenges that Club members can participate in.  These challenges are not easy and accomplishing them earns you the respect and admiration that you deserve.  You are after all one of the few that had the dream, planned every detail and executed it within the challenge’s rules.

These unique challenges were crafted to test our members’ resolve, planning skills, determination and character.  It offers an exclusive and engaging way of enjoying your motorcycle and experience all the splendor and beauty our country has to offer.

If you haven’t yet completed a rider challenge, read on to learn how you can stake your claim in the coveted hall of fame!  Simply click on the categories to learn more…

Extreme Rider Challenge

The highly prestigious award is given to riders and pillions that visit the four most extreme corners of South Africa.

Alphabet Challenge

You get to visit two dozen South African towns with this fun, yet challenging adventure.

National Dams Challenge

Explore all nine provinces of South Africa while ticking off your selection of our national dams.

Coasting Along Challenge

Visit harbours and lighthouses on your epic journey along the 2,798km of South Africa's coastline.

Vertigo Challenge

Experience all the highs and lows on your adventure to get at least 15 mountain passes under your belt.


Odyssey Challenge

Qualify for these unique rider and pillion awards by responsibly completing an epic long-distance adventure.