So you might wonder how to find your way from the old and familiar to the new and unknown… Don’t worry – this Frequently Asked Questions will have you comfortable in no time at all!

Which part goes where again?

Q: How do I access the old website forum?

A: We know that there is a wealth of information available in the old forum, and that is why it is still accessible to you. Simply access it either from the main menu (Forum), or navigate to it from the link in the footer section of the new website (Discussion Forum).

Q: How does registration work?

A: Seeing that we are now running on two different platforms for the website content (Blog) and the forum, registration is a bit of a dual affair. You can still use your previous credentials to log into the old forum and contribute there. However, if you wish to contribute to the new website content, you will have to re-register. This is not only due to technical reasons, but also for your security as we don’t want old passwords floating around for hackers to pick up and use. We will consider to migrate the old forum to the new platform in due time.

Q: There are things not working properly on the new website. How do I report it?

A: Yes, as with any new thing there is bound to be some teething problems. And thank you for your patience while we are addressing those. It is critical that you let us know as soon as you pick up something that is not quite right – you deserve the best after all! If you happen to stumble upon something odd, please report it to the website administrator.

Q: Are these all the changes or can I expect more?

A: We would love to bring you a one-stop-shop with all the information that you require in an easily accessible way. And as technology evolves, so will we. There are a couple of things that we still would want to integrate to give you a premier on-line experience and these would follow in due course. So the journey is just starting…

Q: How can I interact with the new website blog?

A: A community is all about interaction. And we would love to get your views! Even though you have previously registered on the old website/forum, you will have to re-register on the new website/blog (Main Menu > My Profile > Blog registration). Once you have completed the simple registration process you can comment on blog posts. We would love to see your contributions!

We hope you have loads of fun exploring the new (and old) websites with us. All in the spirit of shared riding pleasure!

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admin · March 20, 2020 at 12:14 am

Hi William, can you please send a screenshot of the error and web address (url) to for further investigation?

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