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The current Main Committee holds office until the next Annual General Meeting in March 2025.  This executive committee oversees all club affairs and is assisted by the Rides Committee that is responsible for the planning and execution of club rides and events.  

We thank all our members that serve the Club on the different committees and wish them all the best for the year ahead !

Luzane, Chairperson

Luzane Bronkhorst

Chairperson & Clubs Africa Representative

Etienne, Rides Captain

Etienne Bronkhorst

Vice Chairman & Rides Captain

Marius Bezuidenhout

Member Engagement

Yolane, Memberships

Yolane Bezuidenhout


Paul, Social

Paul Greebe


Annelize, Secretary

Annelize Greebe


Brian, Treasury

Brian Crous


How about you?

The Club welcomes the participation of passionate club members to ensure its smooth operation. If you are keen to become part of these dynamic teams please  contact us. Regardless of your skills and experience, we would value offers of assistance across the range of committee portfolios in our quest to be the best motorcycle club in the world.

Contact us