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Unlock all the benefits the Club has to offer by joining as a member. The BMW Motorcycle Club of Pretoria is open to anyone that shares a passion for the BMW motorcycle brand and that wants to share that passion with similarly-minded individuals, whether you own or ride a BMW motorcycle, or not!  The club offers individual, family, country (individual and family) pensioner (individual and family) as well as student memberships.


Complete the registration form. Pay the membership fees (use correct payment reference so we can match your application to your payment details).


Join the BMW Motorcycle Club Pretoria Facebook page to keep in touch with all the upcoming rides and events. Subscribe to the weekly e-mail newsletter.


Join us at the monthly club social evenings (usually the first Friday of the month from 6pm). Join one of our Tar, Dirt or Moon rides!

Member Application Form

Calculate the total amount payable from the selection above (once-off joining fee if applicable + membership option fee + optional name tag fees) and make an EFT payment to BMW Motorcycle Club Pretoria, FNB Cheque Hatfield 252 145, Account 5585 0011 822. Use "Subs" and your Name as reference. You will be notified once your application has been successful and issued with your membership number. (Keep proof of payment in case it is required). Contact Marius 083 791 3692 for any queries.
This is a coated metal name tag with your first name on it and with magnetic attachment.
Information is kept confidential - Only used in a case of emergency
Information is kept confidential - Only used in a case of emergency
You will receive our monthly e-mail newsletter highlighting all upcoming rides and events and other important announcements. You can unsubscribe at any time in future.
You can unsubscribe at any time in future.
I hereby apply for Membership to BMW Motorcycle Club Pretoria (BMW MCC Pta).
I agree to abide by the BMW MCC Pta constitution, rules and guidelines.
I agree that participation in Club rides and events are undertaken purely on a voluntary basis and at my own risk.
I will not hold the BMW MCC Pta or it's committee members, individually or collectively, responsible or accountable for any claims, mechanical or medical, resulting from any cause during an organised, or other, event or ride.