The President’s address elevated the Corona virus as a national disaster and various drastic measures were announced to help limit the spread of this disease.

In the interest of the health and well-being of our members and their families, the Club’s Main Committee took the difficult decision to suspend all Club group rides and events until such a time that it becomes safer to do so again.

Our Club’s mission is “to foster fellowship, through the safe, supportive and responsible riding and enjoyment of BMW motorcycles, in a courteous manner” and calls for our action around the “safe” part. And a viral outbreak of pandemic proportions calls for less sharing when it comes to our #sharedridingpleasure.

This does not mean that we can’t enjoy our beautiful machines and our hobby! The Rides Committee is already at work to find alternative ways where we can continue having fun and making great memories in a safe way over the next couple of weeks. We will share more details by newsletter and Facebook in due course. Until then, keep washing your hands a lot…

The cancelled Club events are:

  • Ladies ride to Blos Café (Saturday 21 March)
  • Moon ride to PLTFRM Restaurant (Saturday 28 March)
  • Club Night (Friday 3 April)
  • Tar and Dirt Club rides (Sunday 5 April)
  • Moon Ride (Saturday 18 April)

At this stage we are hopeful that the situation improves to the extent that we will still proceed with the Vulintaba weekend ride at the end of April and also see each other at the May Club Night social. We will continue to review the situation and communicate any changes in advance.

We appreciate the difficulty of this situation and that our lives are impacted in many different ways. It was not an easy decision to make, but we trust that every little effort makes a big difference in the end with your health and safety as our primary concern.

At the same time we encourage you to keep riding as much as you can and to keep participating online!

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