16 June 2020

It is surreal when you take a moment to stop and think about impact the Covid-19 crisis made, and continues to make on our lives. This virus not only affects the people that contract the virus and potentially have to fight for their lives, but literally no one is immune to the fallout that this pandemic brought in its wake. We are all intimately familiar with the economic, social and personal implications that we are faced with on a daily basis in dealing with this disease.  And through all of this, we miss you :-(

But the glass is not empty and I haven’t heard the fat lady sing! The fact that you are reading this means that we have a lot to be thankful for and we will keep on looking for reasons to celebrate all that is well instead of focussing on everything that is not. There is hope, and we are slowly getting used to a new normal…

So how does all of this lockdown stuff impact the BMW Motorcycle Club Pretoria?

Officially, all social gatherings remain prohibited under Level 3 lockdown regulations. Traveling across provincial borders remain restricted and social distancing measures remain in place. A large part of our Club’s identity is rooted in bringing people together around a common interest and enjoying our passion, hobby and lifestyle with other likeminded people. It’s even part of our motto of Shared Riding Pleasure! However, officially, we have an obligation to comply with the law and in support of our Club’s mission “to foster fellowship, through the safe, supportive and responsible riding and enjoyment of BMW motorcycles, in a courteous manner”.

The Main Committee decided that, officially, all social Club activities will remain suspended until the lockdown regulations allow us to do so otherwise.  This implies that we will not be able to host our monthly social Club nights or any organised social rides that may deemed to be in violation of the current regulations, until such a time as it is allowed again.

But there is a lot of wiggle room!  We love seeing riders looking for every conceivable opportunity to get out and ride their bikes.  Whether it’s taking the red route to the pharmacy, or doing essential shopping with a top box and panniers, the ingenuity is flowing.  And also great to see that some riders are even accidentally coming across each other towards the same shop or pharmacy! So with organised social activities officially off the table at this time, please keep an eye out for any shopping excursions that may take place…

We are also proceeding with some of our planned Club initiatives, subject to the applicable social distancing and hygiene protocols, of course.

Keep reading right to the end for all the good stuff!

40 Years of GS!

It is amazing that we get to celebrate two very special birthdays this year.  Not only is this the Club’s 25 year anniversary, but the iconic BMW GS motorcycle celebrates its 40th! Have a trip down memory lane with this cool article from BMW Motorrad! There are quite a few of our members that have some of the earliest production models in their garages and we can’t wait to celebrate this milestone in proper club fashion, hopefully in the near future!  Until then, keep

Elandspoort “4K” Wellness Drive – 30 June 2020

We are uncomfortably familiar with the hardships that our members and their families are facing during these times.  But we are humbled in our blessings when compared to the Elandspoort community who is facing a dire situation. In more prosperous times these destitute families had a hard time trying to survive, and now with a lockdown winter they are really in desperate need of any help and assistance.  The Kefilwe Thusano Empowerment charity is an NPO that tries to meet the very basic survival needs of the Elandspoort community.  As a Club we have supported them in the past and we call on you to assist with whatever means you have available – it doesn’t matter how small and seemingly insignificant.

We want to ask your contributions to a “4K” drive.  That would be for kos, klere, komberse en kontant (or food, clothes, blankets and  cash).  The Club has a little money in safekeeping from a previous initiative and we would like to boost it with whatever you can afford.  Any cash contribution can be made to BMW Motorcycle Club Pretoria, FNB Cheque Hatfield 252 145 Account 5585 0011 822 with reference “4K” and arrangements will be made for the delivery / collection of any food, clothing and blankets.  Please drop an email to committee@bmwclubs.co.za to pledge your contribution.  It might be something small and insignificant to you, but it might make the world of difference for someone else, please. Arrangements for the handover will follow soon.

Covid-19 changed our world in ways we could hardly imagine, but we are slowly finding our way to the new normal.  I’m thankful for the resilience of our members during this time and for the continued contribution and effort to our Club’s committee members.  We can’t wait for further lockdown relaxations that will bring with it more opportunities to enjoy our passion and hobby with each other.  Until then, we miss you.  And keep it safe and responsible wherever you may find yourself shopping ;-)

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