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Shared Riding Pleasure

“to foster fellowship, through the safe, supportive and responsible riding and enjoyment of BMW motorcycles, in a courteous manner”

When you join the BMW Motorcycle Club Pretoria you don’t just become a member – you are now part of our family.  This is a home where you can share your passion for the BMW Motorcycle brand and living it out with like-minded people.  Founded in 1995, the Club with its hundreds of members is proudly affiliated with BMW Clubs Africa and BMW Clubs International.

We maintain the personal touch  by offering dozens of rides and events annually that offer opportunities for tar and dirt riders alike to explore our beautiful country, make lasting memories and forge lasting friendships.

Our constitution is available for download: BMW Motorcycle Club Pretoria Constitution


You are spoiled for choice with around 50 official club rides annually. These cater for tar and dirt riders of all levels of skill and experience. Click to jump into the details!

Training and Safety

Click to learn how to become a better rider and enjoy your BMW motorcycle in a safe and responsible manner.

Lifestyle and Engagement

The Club has various digital interaction platforms and social events for members to connect with each other. Click here to learn more.


Click here to see how you can make a positive impact in your community.


Although there are many opportunities available to ride with others, not all rides are created equally. For more than two decades the BMW Motorcycle Club Pretoria has perfected the art of planning and executing first class rides for its members. 

The Rides Committee, consisting of experienced and passionate tar and dirt riders, assumes the responsibility for planning the annual Rides Calendar. Each ride is allocated to a Ride Leader who takes care of every little detail – from the actual route that will be ridden, to the catering arrangements at the destination venue. 

A ride leader manual containing the wisdom of the Club’s many veteran ride leaders ensure that all the important aspects of a ride is considered and planned for.  The Club has proven methods for riding in groups, and sweeps ensure that nobody gets left behind. Nearly every ride is recce’ed in advance to identify route difficulty, potential hazards and alternative exit routes to make every ride a safe, enjoyable and memorable experience for members.

  • Monthly tar and dirt rides

    Join fellow riders on either a tar-only or dirt-combo ride to enjoy a breakfast, brunch or lunch. Whether you ride an RR or a GS (or anything in between!) these rides offer a great day out on the roads and tracks for all members. Monthly rides are carefully planned and executed to offer a safe and enjoyable experience for riders ranging in experience from novice to expert.

  • Weekend / overnighter trips

    Fancy a quickie away? There are a couple of tar and dirt weekend (or "overnighter") trips on the Rides Calendar! Join one of these trips and explore a bit wider. This is an ideal compromise on having a mini adventure without sacrificing too much of your precious leave days!

  • Long-distance adventures

    "A journey of a 1,000 miles starts with a single step". That is stepping your boot down into 1st gear on your long-distance ride... Your ride leader will take you on a properly planned adventure where you will not only explore the favorite parts of South Africa, but perhaps also venture across borders in search of lasting memories and friendships.

  • Moon rides

    The monthly night rides offer an exciting opportunity to explore the restaurants in and around Pretoria. Being a more social-oriented event, the ride is typically short and ride leaders try to include something scenic, spectacular or special on the way to the venue.

  • Ladies rides

    The Club has an active group of female riders and pillions that want to let their hair down and do something special for themselves now and again. The Ladies Rides are created, executed, and enjoyed by ladies and may sometimes even include men, just for fun!

  • Annual Club skills day

    The Club is the first and only motorcycle motorcycle club in the African continent to host an annual Skills Day! Since its inception, this premier event evolved into an inclusive and fun day where participants and spectators experience the trill of demonstrating their riding skills. This event typically precedes the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy competition and provides an ideal platform for aspiring participants to hone their skills. Unlike the GS Trophy however, all members are able to participate and compete through all the different classes the Skills Day offers.

  • Official BMW Motorrad events

    As a recognised and participating body of the bigger BMW Clubs and BMW Motorrad community, the Club facilitates inclusive rides to and at official BMW Motorrad events. Join the Club and our supporting dealership, BMW Motorrad Centurion, to experience the full lifestyle experience this brand has to offer!

  • Interest group rides

    In addition to the official rides arranged by the Club, we also participate in many other rides and events. You might want to join the Toy Run with friends, or support the fight against cancer with a Cancervive ride. Perhaps you want to compete on a time trial run or a fuel economy run, or just make someone's matric farewell very special. Maybe your want to pay your last respects at a funeral or hand over the proceeds of a charitable cause to people in need... The Club regularly invites participation of our members to ride for a cause.

  • Rider Challenges

    The club offers a variety of exclusive rider challenges and holding one or more of these awards is highly respected. These challenges not only test a rider's endurance and perseverance, but also require keen planning and logistical skills to pull off successfully.

Training and Safety

Riding a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous than driving a car. You are exposed to many potential threats ranging from unpredictable motorists to stray animals and road hazards, to name a few.. It is therefore critical to be prepared to handle any potential threat you may encounter on your journeys. Training is not limited to only learning how to ride your motorcycle better and safer, but includes a number of other focus areas that will take your riding experience to the next level.

  • First aid

    Being prepared when disaster strikes can make the difference between a full recovery or permanent injury, or even life and death. The Club has partnered with an experienced service provider to offer Level 1 and Level 2 First Aid training courses. These certifications include a focus on specific motorcycle-related injuries. The Club may sponsor part of the cost of these courses in the belief that every member should have these vital skills.

  • Tar proficiency

    Whether you prefer riding on or off the road, tar riding makes up a significant time spent on your motorcycle. To safely pilot a powerful machine weighing more than 200 kilograms takes skill and practice, especially when it comes to swerving, braking and cornering. These techniques become even more valuable in adverse weather and dense traffic conditions. The Club negotiated preferred rates for Rider Proficiency and Advanced Cornering courses in partnership with accredited trainers.

  • Off-road

    Your wanderlust will eventually take you to places where the tar roads stop and the gravel roads start. Off-road rider training is an absolute must to safely traverse sand, rocks, mud and other obstacles standing between you and your destination. The Club only makes use of qualified and affiliated BMW Motorrad training providers to offer members introductory and intermediate off-road training at discounted rates. You will not only learn and practice the different techniques, but also learn how to optimally use the features of your motorcycle to enhance your off-road riding.

  • Navigation

    The success of your journey will largely depend on how well you plan it. The use of a GPS on motorcycle trips has become a standard practice. Members have access to basic and advanced GPS courses where you will learn how to use the software and the device to ensure you stay on track adventure after adventure.

Lifestyle and Engagement

The Club provides a home where like-minded individuals can enjoy their motorcycling together and make lasting friendships along the way. This is made easy through various digital interaction platforms social events for members and their families.

  • Regalia

    Stand out in the crowd, sporting the latest range of quality clothing items chosen specifically for bikers, by bikers. In the Club shop you will not only find clothing, but a number of other carefully selected items focused on safety and comfort to enhance your riding pleasure.

  • News and Pulbications

    With a jam-packed calendar it is quite a challenge to participate in every ride and event. Find out what is coming up and see what you've missed through the different electronic information sharing platforms. If you have not yet subscribed to the weekly Club e-mail newsletter, click here to opt in.

  • Blog and Forum

    Did you want to look at some photos from a recce of an upcoming ride, download a GPS route, or get some input from others on a funny noise your bike is making? Then the website forum and blog is for you. A wealth of information is available on historic rides and events and all the detailed information on upcoming rides is also published here.

  • Facebook Community

    You will find all the vital Club information on its Facebook page. Indicate your interest in an upcoming ride or event or post your inspirational thought of the day. Also watch out for regular photo competitions where members can stand to win prizes and bragging honors. Additionally, there are a number of interest-specific WhatsApp groups run by members where you can zoom in on some specific rides and events.

  • Clubhouse

    The Club has a state-of-the-art clubhouse generously made available by BMW Motorad Centurion. It is the get-together place every monthly Club night. Enjoy a light meal and support the well-stocked and decently-priced bar while you catch up with old friends and make new ones!

  • Family Time

    As a 'family' of members, we understand the importance of balancing your family time and your passion for riding your motorcycle. The Club socials and events are open for members and their families and some events, such as the annual X-mas party and Year-end Function are especially planned with members and their families in mind.


The Club has a lot to offer its members, and we believe as much in giving as we do in receiving. With the Club’s supported charity organisations and other wellness events, we value and appreciate your support and participation even more than just accepting an occasional donation (although every bit helps those in need). Whatever your means and ability, please grab an opportunity to join us and give back to your community.

  • Supported Charities

    The Club has a long-standing relationship with the Bramley Child and Youth Care Centre. Based in Groenkloof, this NPO provides vital services in support of vulnerable children. Pathways Pretoria, another NPO, cares for children with various disabilities. They aim to fill their lives with meaning an purpose through various activities and initiatives. The Club regularly support these worthy organisations with specific needs they may have.

  • Donations

    We recently expanded our scope of wellness initiatives which included blanket and a non-perishable food drives for the underprivileged and suffering community of Elandspoort.  On a previous occasion our club members also opened their hearts for the Kitty and Puppy Haven rescue shelter that got gutted by a fire.  Pet blankets and food were generously donated and handed over to the shelter. Keep an eye out for future opportunities to assist those in need with the means and ability we may have at that time.

  • Participation for a Cause

    Whether we are riding in support of cancer awareness, or paying our last respects to a fallen biker, or even escort a matriculant to their farewell, the Club is ready to offer its support. Join your fellow members to live out your passion to the fullest!

Start your adventure

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