What we stand for:

"to foster fellowship through the safe, supportive and responsible riding and enjoyment of our motorcycles in a courteous manner"


We are a diverse group of individuals with one thing in common - our love to ride. A joy shared is a joy doubled.


We create adventures for tar and dirt riders alike. We explore, train, learn and teach.


We make lasting memories on the road, on faraway adventures and our monthly social events.

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Covid-19 Announcement

The President’s address elevated the Corona virus as a national disaster and various drastic measures were announced to help limit the spread of this disease. In the interest of the health and well-being of our Read more…

New website FAQ

So you might wonder how to find your way from the old and familiar to the new and unknown… Don’t worry – this Frequently Asked Questions will have you comfortable in no time at all! Read more…

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Our Clubhouse

Above BMW Motorrad Centurion (Bavarian Motorcycles) Dealership,

c/o John Vorster Drive and Akkerboom Street, Centurion

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