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RIP OFF BY BMW AGENTS 06 Nov 2018 16:36 #44716

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:woohoo: 1600 Gt / GTL riders be aware! As for the GS your high beam globe costs about R110 and the agents charge about R200 to fit it as you have to remove the speaker cover and speaker unit to reach the back of the light housing to replace the globe - you can do it yourself - set out in the handbook.
The thing that made me write this: the low beam light globe is a xenon globe and the shock was it costs R3700-and a few rand from the agents. Surely the agents will charge more than R200 to fit it, as you have to remove the big center light unit to reach the globe from behind.
** The crazy thing is : I bought a set of TWO xenon globes for R795 and fit the globe myself. Now how can we pay 10x more for a globe at the agents?? I checked with both agents in Pretoria and they quote the same price. What a rip off !
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RIP OFF BY BMW AGENTS 19 Nov 2018 10:01 #44789

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Hey Bud,

That's nothing, i have a 2010 F800GS who's stator (alternator) burned out. Dealer quoted me R13000 for a new one to be imported from Germany. :woohoo: Crazy right?

It cost me just over R700 worth of materials and about a day's worth of labour and it was all fixed and the bike is running again. The way I see it God gives you two ways to deal with life's problems, Money or Brains. I never got money.. :P

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